Ambassador’s Message

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Ankara, as we take the honor and pride in furthering the historical relations between our two great brotherly nations of Somalia and Turkey.

Our objective is to facilitate a conducive atmosphere for both citizens of our respective countries to elevate our relations for mutual success and gains. We have a team of dedicated officials in all departments of our Embassy to deliver on your applications and provide the necessary guidance, and documentation for all needs of our citizens.

The revival, renewal, and rise of our Somali-Turkish diplomatic relations that dates back to the 16th Century, exhibits the genuine bond of cooperation that has continued to exist since time immemorial. Our centuries-old ties have witnessed immense growth in the last decade with increased investment and closer people-to-people relations in various sectors. We have made great strides guided by the spirit of brotherhood founded by our forefathers who forged paths for our prosperity.

Our gains are reflected in our ever-growing engagement in different areas of bilateral cooperation such as security, political, social, trade and investment for the benefit of our two nations and peoples.

Finally, The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Ankara is proud to represent the government and the citizens of the Federal Republic of Somalia in the Republic of Turkey, and as such, looks forward to making its maximum contribution towards fulfilling historic milestones between our respective governments and citizens.

As our citizen, friend, or partner of Somalia, it is an honor to welcome you and have you as part of our journey towards stronger Somali-Turkish relations.

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