Our Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia to the Republic of Turkey opened its doors in 1979 when our two respective nations launched our missions.

The Embassy is dedicated to the implementation of our bilateral engagements and fostering collaboration between various sectors of our two countries.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Ankara is committed to:

  • Enhancing our longstanding bilateral cooperation between the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Republic of Turkey in key areas.
  • Building relationships with the different institutions of the Republic of Turkey to provide a conducive atmosphere of engagement.
  • We also work to promote and expand Somalia’s trade and economic relationship with Turkey by providing opportunities and ready market for investment to citizens of both nations.
  • Providing timely, effective, sufficient and responsive consular support and services to great citizens of our Federal Republic of Somalia in Turkey.
  • Advancing the national interests of Somalia and its Foreign policies by ensuring the implementation of Somalia’s Foreign policy in Turkey.
  • Expanding Somalia’s Diplomatic network and Making new friends in strategic areas for mutual benefit to remain a responsible and constructive member of the global community.

This includes establishing friendship with the public to protect and promote Somali’s image in the diaspora.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Address: Kazım Özalp, Reşit Galip Cd. No:100, 06700 Çankaya/Ankara

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