About Somalia

Somalia is located at the easternmost part of the African continent, on the Horn of Africa, and occupies an important geopolitical position between sub-Saharan Africa and the countries of Arabia and southwestern Asia. The capital, Mogadishu, is located just north of the Equator on the Indian Ocean.

Somalia has an estimated population of around 14.3 million and has been described as the most culturally homogeneous country in Africa. Around 85% of its residents are ethnic Somalis. The official languages of Somalia are Somali and Arabic. Most people in the country are Muslims. Somalia is a country of geographic extremes.

The climate is mainly dry and hot, with landscapes of thorn bush savanna and semi-arid, and the inhabitants of Somalia have developed equally demanding economic survival strategies. Apart from a mountainous coastal zone in the north and several pronounced river valleys, most of the country is extremely flat, with few natural barriers to restrict the mobility of the nomads and their livestock.


  • April 12 – Somali National Army Day

  • May 15 –  National day to commemorate the founding of SYL – Somali Youth League.


  • June 26  – Commemoration of the independence of Northern region.


  • July 1 – Somalia Independence Day.


  • October 12 – Somalia Flag Day 
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